NEW EDITION: Under By Duress by Kayla Stonor

The new ebook edition of Under By Duress by Kayla Stonor is now out on Amazon. Edited by Travis Luedke, Under By Duress has been re-written in the first person perspective. My grateful thanks to Travis for all his suggestions and hard work!

UBD Cover dark and blue5f - Copy (2)

She caught him. Now she has to turn him in.

Following a devastating break up from her ex Dom, Tahima has escaped to the Blue Ridge Mountains for some badly needed solitude. When a Mafia heir wanted for murder crashes into her life, she determines to turn him in. Her only option is to force him down the mountain to the local Sheriff’s office – a mission fraught with danger.

Rossini’s piercing gaze and commanding voice hits deep into Tahima’s submissive nature. The alpha male towers over her slight build, promising to be uncooperative. Armed with only a stun-gun, she fights against her submissive tendencies. To survive, Tahima must find a way to dominate Gian Rossini, a multimillionaire and fugitive from justice.

Under By Duress is a fast-paced adventure of erotic romance with a strong alpha hero who must submit to a natural submissive prepared to go to extremes to retain control.

This erotic romance novel containing BDSM themes

is part of Kayla Stonor’s Surrender collection.

 Go grab your copy


Special Pre Order Price $0.99 until November 25th

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New Edition Released: UNDER BY TREATY by Kayla Stonor

The new ebook edition of Under By Treaty by Kayla Stonor is now out on Amazon. Edited by Travis Luedke, Under By Treaty has an exciting, revised ending. My grateful thanks to Travis for all his suggestions and hard work!

Under By Treaty Cover

General Jaden is a thorn in the Qui’s side. Ambassador Sonil is on Earth to extract him by treaty. When Jaden is stripped naked then caged, he gets a taste of how far she will go to ensure he is worthy of serving the Qui Empress. Her training is ruthless and alien rules apply. Failure is not an option; saving Earth from annihilation requires Jaden’s complete surrender.

But Sonil demands more than obedience. She wants his devotion.

Under By Treaty is a bold, fast-paced adventure of femdom erotic romance, with a strong alpha hero who must submit to an alien temptress to save the human race from decimation by the conquering might of the Qui Empire.

This erotic romance novel containing BDSM themes is the first installment of a science fiction series and part of the Surrender collection.


Go grab your copy



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Learn the Art of Surrender at InnerGoddesses

Aug 12th 2014 Update: This blog post dated Jan 20 2013 is about a book I had to put on hold. It’s a story I very much want to pick up again, epecially after rereading the excerpt at Innergoddesses. I have some work to do with it. I had a lot of excellent feedback from betas at the time that I need to work through the manuscript. So Raise or Fold is still very much a work in progress, but in due course. However, I hope you enjoy the teasing excerpt!

Original post:

Check out my blog post at the Innergoddesses Blog and learn all about my latest work due for release in Spring. I am so grateful to the innergoddesses for hosting me on their blog and thrilled with the little pearls capturing the essence of my stories beside each of my covers!

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Horizon – A Short Story of Surrender

Horizon CoverWhen Adam and his wife, Helena, introduce playful kink into their sex life, Adam assumes he’ll be the one in charge. His wife has other ideas. This short story of marriage and BDSM exploration fits with Kayla Stonor’s Surrender series, but is more gentle and contemporary in nature, and low on sex content – more sexual tension.

If you’re new to Kayla’s writing, this is a perfect introduction. It’s a brief, enticing example of the intricate relationship dynamics of an alpha male willing to submit power and control to a woman he loves.” Review by Travis Luedke.

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Originally featured on Danita Minnis‘ Wicked Wednesday!

“I enjoy stories where a strong man—one who knows where he’s going and is in complete control of his life—has his world turned upside down and inside out by the woman he can’t help but love. I am also intrigued by the power exchange theme in BDSM novels, but I didn’t want my alpha male hero to ‘come out’ as a submissive. I wanted him to surrender, but retain his “alpha maleness”.

So my Surrender Series focuses on the surrender of an alpha male to a woman he loves that doesn’t result in a typical‘dominant-submissive’ relationship. Pages and pages of erotica would be beyond me, but I do enjoy crafting complicated plots, so I write erotic romance with sub-genres like Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, and my latest involves two spies, so I’m classing that as a Thriller. However, bending the will of an alpha male used to being in control—not being controlled—requires extreme circumstances as well as a deserving heroine.

My intentions and the result are not always one and the same. Characters have a way of evolving and taking over. They lead you on a journey that can be surprising. But that is the joy in writing. You don’t always know what will happen next.” Kayla Stonor.


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Publishing my first Erotic Romance

August 12th 2014 Update: I am re-establishing my website and this was my second post back in 2012.  Hmm…  I still feel the same way!

Original Post:

I did it! I plucked up the courage and published two novellas – see My Kindle E-Books page.

I’m new to this and fumbling every step of the way. I’ve been editing and proof-reading for weeks, not to mention chewing my nails to the cuticle — perhaps an exaggeration, but I am not sure how my efforts will be received, and as I rebelled against writing sex scenes to the recommended formulas, I have only myself to blame if they bomb. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Now to get my head around marketing. I think my novellas might be sitting 350,000+ down the list. That is not a small glitch. How will anyone find them? I was so surprised to discover I’d sold one in the US. I think someone noticed it on the new list, but it’s dropping down that list, too. Maybe they’ll review. Although the forums suggest that it’s something like one review to a thousand sold…

If you want to check them out and let me know what you thought that would be great!

In the meantime, I’m figuring out how to create this blog.

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